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Urbana Theological Seminary is a seminary committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and Christian values, where students are equipped to love, know and serve God.

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We... ...provide graduate theological education which prepares people for Christian ministry and leadership, equipping them to love, know and serve God. more >>


Master of Divinity alumnus, Brian Sauder, believes that studying at Urbana Theological Seminary allowed him to continue building relationships here in Champaign-Urbana, a community he loves, while exploring the interconnection between theology and ecology.

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Spring Graduate Courses

  • BI BI 502 – 100 New Testament Survey
  • BI 620 – 100 Old Testament Cannonical Study: Wisdom Books
  • BI 605 - 220 IS Ecclesiastes
  • BI 605 – 140 Romans
  • BL 552 Classical Hebrew II
  • CH 760 200 George Whitfield
  • CT 502 – 100 Theology II
  • CT 510 – 100 Ethics
  • CT 740 - 310 C. S. Lewis
  • FM 501- 100 Ministry and Evangelism in Cultural Context
  • MN 740 - 400 Christian Mysticism and Contemplative Spirituality
  • GN 700 - 100 Integrative Senior Seminar
  • REL 105 The Bible: The New Testament

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Provisions for Pastors 5th Annual Preaching forum will be held Monday, March 7, at Windsor Road Christian Church. Dr. Charles Zimmerman from Biblical Theological Seminary will be presenting "Balancing Faithfulness and Relevance." For more information or to register:

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