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Overview Of Christian Ministry

Christian ministry is to serve the Lord by serving His people. Many of us are in awe of pastors or ministers who devote their lives to Christian ministry, and some may be interested in following the path and becoming servants of the Lord. Although many think that living and becoming a minister is glamorous, the life of ministry is not always full of wonder. It also includes periods of hardships, of doubts and times of uncertainty. Nevertheless, knowing what to expect and keeping an open mind would undoubtedly help one appreciate Christian ministry and revel in its beauty.

Christian Ministry

No better person comes to mind when speaking of Christian ministry than Paul who endured a lot for the Lord. In 2 Corinthians 11:23-28, Paul talks about the hardship that he endured having received countless beatings, being adrift in the sea, in constant danger from traveling and being cold and hungry, aside from the fact that he was persecuted continuously. In today’s society, these activities are not commonly experienced by Christian ministers unless they preach in faraway places or places where Christianity is never practiced. However, many ministers still are being persecuted differently. Temptations abound, broken relationships, doubts of oneself and loss of one’s faith especially when nobody wants to believe in you and what you are preaching. There are times when one is on the verge of quitting and throwing in the towel.

However, the life of ministry is not always full of hardship. Just like Paul, who endured, living in Christ and serving His cause is also fulfilling and rewarding, not in a worldly sense, but the reward is redemption from their sins as well as a place with the Lord. In Romans 5:3 – 5, the bible says that Christians who rejoice in their sufferings for the Lord and endures build character and develop hope and should not be ashamed for the Lord’s love pours through their hearts. Christian ministry, not only involves a life of persecution and hardship, but it also builds a person’s character; it develops his courage as well as dedication to life. Preaching not only involves persecution but also a life of fulfillment as you get to teach the Gospel to a lot of people and communities as well as knowing other people who also live the same faith.

Your ministry is wherever God has called and placed you to serve Him and others in fulfillment of “The Great Commission” of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is therefore imperative to consider the basics, which serves as the foundation for an excellent ministry. These include and not limited to:.

1. A strong relationship with God.

There is nothing quite like that feeling you get when your boss or someone who is important in your life says, “I believe in you, I see so much potential in you, and you’re doing a fantastic job, I’ve got a higher assignment for you.” Does God know you? Do you have a relationship with Him? He knew Abraham (Gen.18:19); Jeremiah (Jer. 1:5), Paul (Acts 19:15) and Jesus (Mat.17:5)

2. A Matter of Qualification.

Before God can consider you to have an excellent ministry entrusted into your hands, you must possess some basic, necessary qualifications:

a. You must be born again. John 3:7

b. You must be baptized in water by immersion. Mk. 1:9

c. You must be baptized with the Holy Spirit. John 3:5, 16:13

d. God must call you. John 15:16, 13:20; 1 Peter 2:9.

Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostles were typical examples. They get qualified before they embark on their various God-given ministries and assignments. Are you qualified?

3. Possession of Relevant Skill.

The skill(s) required for an excellent ministry is typically foundational and must be grossly adequate, enough to guarantee success and fulfillment, worthy of commendation from God. The Lord finds it of great importance for His own worker to acquire and be equipped with the right skills for His Kingdom assignment. Some of the avenues to explore include:

a. Reading the Bible. 

2Tim 2:15; Ps.119:105, 80, 11; John 5:24.

b. Attending Sunday School.

This is still the most trusted and effective forum for teaching, learning and receiving the impartation of godly, divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding. A typical Sunday school is where the Bible is used as its program foundation, i.e., the training should be founded on scripture not supplemented by scripture. [The first honors God and the latter man`s method]. No wonder most Bible-believing and Spirit-filled churches made passing through the Sunday school a mandatory requirement before you can become a Member, talk less of a Leader or a Minister. Deut 31:12; Isa 29:24.

c. Secular Training. 

Acquiring training in Theology or Christian Ministry is another skill acquisition avenue to prepare a Christian for an excellent ministry.

d. Mentoring/Mentorship. 

It is most likely you would become the person who has impacted your life with any form of training, knowledge, etc. You are like your teacher or mentor, and what you don`t have, you can`t give. See anyone who is successful in ministry today, check on that fellow`s background, he must have had a successful mentor/master. However, Christ should be our ultimate mentor. Lk 6:40; Mat 23:8

4. Ability to Deliver and be Faithful.

Most times, we see Christians jostle and struggle to become leaders, ignorant of the fact that leadership is a responsibility and a call to serve God and others; not a title or a show-off. It covets sincerity, commitment, faithfulness, diligence and great passion. It would cost you much time, energy, personal sacrifice (financial and otherwise) and self-denials. Despite all these, you are still expected to be faithful and able to deliver required expectations. This is actually where God is calling you to ministry far outweigh you calling yourself because it is more rewarding and fulfilling. His enabling grace and anointing will back you up and see you through. Mat. 25:21; Phil 2:5-8.


Primary Schooling Needed For Ministry and Related Fields

A minister is responsible for the spiritual guidance of a church community where he is appointed. Providing counseling services, leading religious services, and administering religious ordinances are some remarkable duties of a minister. The ministers are supposed to help the members of their community in different situations. Sometimes, the members may call them in an emergency and the ministers have to respond immediately because it is an essential part of their everyday duties.

The minister needs to have complete command over incredible verbal and written communication skills. In most of the tasks, they go solo but there are some tasks where they may have to achieve a goal by working with others as a team. Like many other fields of the world, a minister is supposed to fulfill the educational requirements that are important for this career.

The minimum requirement for this career is to have a bachelor’s degree in divinity. The ministers that have a master’s degree from a divinity school are often preferred by the employers. So, it totally depends on you that which position you want to qualify for. Most probably, you won’t be able to become a minister if you do not have a master’s degree from a divinity school. However, the administrators may appoint you to some other position depending on your qualification.

There are many people that got degrees from Singapore primary school and applied for the minister’s rank but they never got qualified for that. They are now working under a minister that is more qualified but depending on their own qualification, they’d never be able to achieve the minister’s position unless they continue their studies and obtain the master’s degree.

Choosing a denomination is the most important step that you can take when starting your journey towards becoming a minister. The rules that are applied in a denomination may put an impact on your future position. Therefore, you should carefully choose a denomination for your future career. The next step you need to take in this regard is to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

No matter which degree you have earned from a denomination, it is important that you have knowledge of holy texts and doctrine if you want to qualify for the position of a minister because you are going to use this knowledge to instruct the members of the community. You must also have clear understandings about the role of the church, the philosophy of religion, Biblical interpretation, and the ancient culture.

Graduating from a divinity school is the next step you may take in order to become a minister. If you want to get hired for a church, you need to earn the master’s degree. And the divinity schools can help you obtain a degree in a specific field. Click Here and find more information about becoming a minister.

How Does Smoking Influence Students’ Cognitive Skills?

The cognitive skills are not only important for the students but they are also essential for the professionals that are working in different professions. However, the students need these skills more than the professionals as they need to memorize several things on regular basis. Therefore, their mind needs to work properly. The problem is that the students usually do not care about such kind of things and they always love to enjoy and have fun. Click Here and find some information about how smoking influence students’ cognitive skills.

And there is nothing wrong with having fun and enjoyment with your friends but you should make sure that the fun and enjoyment may not affect your performance at school or college. Smoking is a habit that most of the students develop during the college years. With the passage of time, they become dependent on this habit and they can’t live without it at all.

They start believing that smoking is the only habit that can keep their mind active and fresh. There is no doubt that smoking keeps your brain cells awake but it doesn’t mean that it keeps them active as well. The smoking puts an impact on your brain cells gradually and as a result, it badly ruins your cognitive skills.

There are many different kinds of substances that students have started smoking nowadays as they make them feel like they are in the heaven. Mechanical Mods by Grey Haze are very common among the students. A recent study has shown that students have increasingly started using mechanical mods so that they can immediately become high.

Usually, students start smoking different kinds of substances when they go out to party with their friends and they see that all the friends are smoking some kind of substance. So, they also start using a substance and they become addicted to it as their habit grows old. There are some students that believe that smoking cigarettes keep them awake during the exam. Therefore, they keep smoking lots of cigarettes during the exams so that they can prepare for the exam.

But the truth is that cigarettes keep affecting your brain cells that are used in memorizing different things. There are many students that have claimed that the things that they memorize after smoking cigarettes suddenly vanish from their memory and they need to revise it again and again. So, if you are also facing the same problem, you must keep in mind that the smoking has started affecting your cognitive skills and now it’s time to protect yourself from this disease.

There are many ways that can help in quitting this habit so you should not be worried about it. However, you need to choose the right way so that you can enjoy the effective results in a very quick manner. Here is some information about how smoking influence students’ cognitive skills.

What do math and religion have in common: a brief look on their relationship

The topic might appear to be a little bit strange and you might be thinking that there is no relationship between math and religion but after taking a look at this article you’d start believing that there is a great relationship between math and religion and you’d crave to learn more about this beautiful relation. Math is very boring subject and most of the people do not like to talk about it but this topic would definitely grab your attention and you’d love to read it and share it with your friends.

Usually, people do not like to answer math problems but we bet that everybody would definitely love to find an answer to this strange question that whether there is a relationship between math and religion or not. Some people might be thinking that religion is something that is related to your soul while the math has nothing to do with your soul and it is directly connected to your brain.

Well, there is nothing wrong in this opinion but there are several inner aspects that bring both these fields together. In this article, we’re going to talk about the aspects that are common in religion and math. Here are some common aspect of religion and math.

Use of symbols

You may have never noticed but every religion has several symbols that explain the strength of several Almighty powers. Similarly, the math also uses several symbols to display a powerful object that has several other objects working behind it. Understanding the meaning of different symbols helps you understand the basic concept of that religion. Similarly, you can understand several basic and advanced concepts of math after leaning the use of several symbols.

Full of mysteries

This may sound strange but religion and math both are filled with lots of mysteries and the experts in both the fields are trying to find the solution to those mysteries. These are the mysteries that make several things difficult for a beginner. That’s why most of the people do not like to understand the depths of both the areas as it may bring you a lot of headaches. There are so many industries in these areas that you’ll get stuck in them and you’d never be able to find a way out.


Another most common aspect of both the fields is that they are both improving every day and every day we see new concepts introduced in both the areas. The new concepts are a sign that both the fields are growing regularly and they’ll keep growing until the day of resurrection.


Both the subjects have lots of difficulties and nobody can ever master all the skills in these fields. You may have perfection in one skill but you’ll definitely lack some skills in others. Both these fields are so much bigger that no one can ever become a master of these fields ever. Click here and take a look at some other aspects that are common in religion and math.

With Halloween coming up we examine its history and effect of religion

In most parts of the world, the great festival of Halloween is celebrated on October. There are several activities that are included in this amazing festival such as trick-or-treat, apple-bobbing, costumes, and pumpkin-carving. All these activities and items are known as the strange traditions of Halloween. But have you ever thought that what’s the history behind all these activities?

Halloween has been around us for many centuries now. For the first time, it started in the Celtic Times, and taking a looking at the strange history of this incredible festival will be extremely surprising to you. Let’s take a quick look at the 2000 years of this festival.

Like many other holidays, we have seen a lot of changes in the Halloween throughout the history. UK, Ireland, and the parts of the Northern France were the regions where Celts lived around 2000 years ago. They used to celebrate the New Year on November 1 each year. They had a concept that the dead and alive creatures came together on October 31.

Christians built a church more than a thousand years ago which was named November 1 All Saints Day. In this era, they used to honor all the Saints and all other people who died for the religion. October 31st was first known and Hallows Eve and then its name changed into Halloween.

The Europeans of that time also had a concept that Halloween is the day when dead spirits come to the earth. Most of the people were worried that these spirits would hurt them. So, they decided to wear the scary costumes on this event to look like ghosts. They had a concept that they’ll stay safe from spirits by wearing a costume like them.

The European Immigrants brought this tradition to the America. With the passage of time, some the traditions were changed. For example, American residents carry pumpkins with them on this event while Europeans carry lanterns that are made from turnips. So, in order to adopt the European tradition, Americans also started using candles to put inside the pumpkins.

In the past, the Halloween was considered to be a religious holiday and the people used to carry Halloween Wreaths with them in the honor of their elders. Nowadays, it is considered to be a fun and entertainment and only a few people understand the real importance of this event. Children now celebrate this festival as a fun day.

They still follow the old traditions of people where they dress up like the ghosts and evil creatures but the religious importance has gone. Now children go from door to door instead of worrying about evil spirits. They say “trick or treat” after knocking on doors. For each trick or treat, they get a candy or something special from each homeowner.

How to Become a Minister

If you want to know how to just become a minister, or even urban minister, you have to read on because we have what you want.

The Process

The trail to diocesan priesthood consists of various phases. These ways can change from a great diocese to other place, However, stick to an overall creation application. Diocesan priesthood differs from spiritual purchase priesthood. A truly religious order priest dwell in communities and also accept care of obedience, including chastity truly and poverty. While spiritual order priests might be parish priests, even most Americans globally are diocesan priests that oversee parishes and attract souls to
The touch point is like a specified time period. When a guy feels he could have now been called to the priesthood he needs to call his or her warrior. At that moment, he’ll undoubtedly be authorized to come right to some discernment relationship together with all the diocese. What this means is they could talk frequently together along with all his fellow students in a church vocation, find out more about the priesthood and match seminarians that already are in creation. He’ll likewise be encouraged to attend a faculty, discussion classes and also do other assignments. Through the duration of this phase, the individual needs to participate within the lifespan of the community parish and give attention to his day-to-day prayers.

If a formal connection strains a possible priest, and he admits his own aims he can also become an applicant to the truly priesthood. And this really is the start of the application phase, when considerable meetings and interviews with all vocations place of work occur spot.

Church leaders ought to be consecrated to God, however, think in their devotion to his folks? A church leader ought to realize that resulting from the example for those individuals from the group is equally critical as remaining faithful to God. Leadership is truly an art which may be honed and produced with all the appropriate commitment and care.


Even though you will strike lumps on the road, it is vital to possess a lasting eyesight when contributing to a church. Planning large scale events might aid your church reach out to your area and mature your own congregation. Group outreach ought to really be a most important tool at the church life-sized arsenal. Consider that which your direction is directing your area. What matters from the area have been fulfilled with church coaching? It truly is simple to concentrate on the current and also the issues at hand.

A fantastic boss has the capability to maneuver around bends but in addition exercise insight into a longer term.

5 Things to Know About Urban Ministry

An urban ministry is not the normal ministry, and we will let you know more here. We will talk about five things you need to know about urban ministries.

What is urban ministry?

After you listen to “metropolitan” that which springs to mind? Brilliant cities filled with potential and diversity? Centers with tools of all B Light? Urban centers with zero relation to this well-being of you as well as your family members? Not one of those pictures reveals the totality of exactly what this seems to become urban, nevertheless each one those graphics are regions of the struggle which produces city ministry in an exceptional way. Whether we’re in town or even in the suburbs, then our well-being is closely connected to the welfare of their metropolitan centers inside ours.


A metropolitan heritage, if placed into a church or even perhaps a non-for-profit, needs to be religion-based ministry. The sin and brokenness of this metropolis is eventually a religious issue and can’t be solved just by serving compassionately. Jesus revealed empathy by curing the sick, opening the eyes of their blind, treating leprosy, and also increasing the dead person skin. Nevertheless, Jesus treated the brokenness from town by confining the sins of their outcast, the marginalized, and taxation collectors. Back in Luke 4:18, Jesus definitely said his assignment,


Poverty can be a significant difficulty in many metropolitan areas. The metropolitan ministry basic principle of out-reach addresses the area to contact persons by fixing their sensed demands. Generally, in the majority of instances, out-reach eventually means supplying ministry or services to the inferior. That was just a hierarchical relationship involving outreach plus also a church. It’s tough to join in someone to some church who’s fighting with all the everyday issues of dealing with their own basic requirements.

Christian neighborhood advancement reacts to the demands our metropolitan areas confront in a holistic method. Community improvement will be the approach in which neighborhood abilities are discovered and how exactly to change the human area to exactly what God plans it to become.


Together with the recession in the market, funds accessible to invest in city ministries are all down. Additionally, churches are facing the exact issues in mainstream modern society. Church members have shed occupations, donations are down because some churches have been trimming employees and ministries. Churches need to choose and pick the things that they finance as time goes by having greater diligence. Urban ministries ought to turn into additional sources of profits for financing apps.


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