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A strong relationship with God

There is nothing quite like that feeling you get when your boss or someone who is important in your life says, “I believe in you, I see so much potential in you, and you’re doing a fantastic job, I’ve got a higher assignment for you.”

A Matter of Qualification

Before God can consider you to have an excellent ministry entrusted into your hands, you must possess some basic, necessary qualifications:

a. You must be born again. John 3:7

b. You must be baptized in water by immersion. Mk. 1:9

Possession of Relevant Skill

The skill(s) required for an excellent ministry is typically foundational and must be grossly adequate, enough to guarantee success and fulfillment, worthy of commendation from God. 
 Reading the Bible. 

2Tim 2:15; Ps.119:105, 80, 11; John 5:24.

An Introduction To
Children’s Ministry

Ability to Deliver and be Faithful

Most times, we see Christians jostle and struggle to become leaders, ignorant of the fact that leadership is a responsibility and a call to serve God and others; not a title or a show-off. It covets sincerity, commitment, faithfulness, diligence and great passion.

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How Homework Helps Students

Schooling is an integral part of a person’s life since it shapes an individual by instilling them with several virtues. Around 14 years is spent learning the basics of the subjects that form the world around us. Once schooling is complete, bagging a scholarship or enrolling at a university is the next big step. Life changes with each transition, but learning always has homework as a constant. Many students consider homework the perfect excuse to bunk classes; they do not want to solve problems in their notebooks.

Custom helpers are sought by most of the slackers to complete their homework in exchange for money or gifts. These are moments relatable for anyone been to school, and homework has been that annoying part of both school and university. However, everyone starts to realize the value of these assignments as they move on to the next phase of life. Let us look at some of the points that validate the need for homework.

Memory and Critical Thinking

Memory and Critical Thinking

Although most students are against the practice of working on assignments at home, it helps them develop a good memory, which is the ability to take the most valuable topics to a long term faculty. Not everyone is born with an incredible IQ or a sharp memory; they can surely build it from life situations. For students, the best form of developing memory power is to do the homework. When they keep practicing, the brain retains all the important information. Homework is considered the best option because it keeps feeding details that we might otherwise fail to notice. Music is also a great way to improve memory, but it may not always possible. By doing these assignments willingly and with one’s own skills, a person will develop better critical thinking, which is a lifelong skill.

Better Study Habits

The bright students may not need a better study habit if they have found their space, but the ones who are occasional learners will need to develop a habit. Each student has to get used to the practice of doing homework, which can help inculcate a healthy learning habit. Without such a routine or personalized approach towards studies, the students cannot learn their daily lessons. By following the practice, the students can set a time and duration for their studies.

Time Management

Time Management

You need time management skills when life throws challenges at you, and this skill isn’t an intrinsic quality. One can develop it only by conforming to certain rules in life. Doing homework will help a student improve his/her time management. They will learn how to prioritize their works and sort out the tasks according to the time slots they have organized. If the workload goes on to be too heavy, homework help services can help the students with completing their daily assignments.

Teaches Responsibility

As a student, it is the virtues or personal qualities that need development more than the knowledge in various subjects. Responsibility can be etched onto the lives of these students with assignments. By setting a deadline for submitting the homework, pupils will consider the task seriously and finish it on time without further procrastination.

SPSS Data Analysis – Beginners Tutorials

In this tutorial, you will be having step by step guide to help you understand the SPSS Data Analysis.

What is SPSS Data Analysis?

SPSS Data Analysis is software that is used to analyze complex statistical data. It can also be used to manage and segregate data sets that are highly unorganized in nature. It is greatly used by the market researchers, health researchers, surveyors, government entities, educational researchers, and data analysts, data miners, marketing organizers and data processors, and so on.

Stepwise understanding of SPSS Data Analysis

1.     Set up the project folder and Open Data

An unorganized project is nothing better than a waste of time. If the project or a data set is not organized, then it can drain all your time and potential. SPSS provides you with a better option to avoid such inconveniences, but make sure you keep the files and data systematically arranged. The smart way of dealing with SPSS is by following a regular backup copy of the entire project. Create folders that can contain data like original and edited, syntax and output files. Never edit the original data; make sure you edit the copies and keep it safe to avoid unnecessary confusions.


2.    SPSS Data File Inspection

Data Analysis with SPSS helps establish the purpose of analysis, but the software is capable of doing multiple things like inspection, segregation, and so on. As we know that data that we have in the folders are going to be used, the very basic thing that we need to do here is inspecting the data visually to have a clear picture of it.

3.    SPSS Categorical Variable Inspection

Categorical inspection is one of every unique feature of SPSS software. You can do it in two different ways, one by running the frequency tables by showing both the values and value labels and inspecting the corresponding charts.  If you find any disturbing issues during your inspection try to fix it then and there, if they cannot be fixed, then make a note of it so that you will be aware of it in the future.

4.    SPSS Metric Variable Inspection

Metric variables can be inspected in two different ways, one by running the basic histograms over then and the other is by inspecting the simple descriptive tables. You should know that many histograms cannot be run through single line FREQUENCIES command. The basic descriptive table comes in a very handy format. It is for checking the completeness of a set of variables. It also provides a very quick comparison of means and standard deviations.

5.    Edit Data

Editing the data is the very fundamental and primitive purpose of SPSS. It will allow you a great diversity in the approach of analyzing and editing the data set.

6.   Choose and Run Tables, charts and Tests

Choosing and running the tables might seem very lucid, but you need to be very careful while you choose the set of data because sometimes choosing different data can increase the complexity of the data.

Types of regression analysis

One of the most popular technique to use for predictive modelling and data mining tasks is regression analysis. There are 15 types of regression analysis with its own regression techniques and assumptions. Regression analysis plays a very important role in statistics....

Advantages Of Taking Online Classes

The challenges that the students face in the conventional education system are making them opt for other alternative methods. This fact might amaze many. There are nearly more than three million students who have enrolled in full-time online courses and nearly six million people who are taking part-time online courses. Online courses have become more popular. Actually, the concept of online education has paved ways for many students and working professionals to gain knowledge in the desired field without compromising much. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of taking online courses.

Variety of programs and courses

One of the biggest advantages of taking online courses is the numerous choices that you have. Even though traditional schools and universities offer some amazing courses, they really do not have many choices to choose between courses. When it comes to online courses, it really does not matter what the students want to study. Whether it is nursing or neuroscience, you will definitely find some online course for the one that you desire.

Lower the cost

It is very much evident that online courses are very affordable when compared to traditional courses. It is not just the tuition fees. There are a lot of expenses that surrounds it.  For example, by taking online courses, you are completely eliminating the commute charges and expenditure on the course material such as textbooks. Everything will be available online. If these online courses reduce the cost of education and at the same time fulfills your education needs, then why not opt for it. Because of the low-cost many NGOs have come up to pay someone to take up my online class and support their education.

Comfortable learning environment

The environment in which we study plays a major role. We are not saying that traditional universities do not provide a comfortable environment. But if you are taking some online course, you can learn from anywhere that you like. Just giving it a thought, students can actually learn something by lying on the bed with their boxers or pajamas. Getting more comfortable than that, we do not think so.

Convenience and flexibility

The online course lets the students plan the courses according to their desire. The students have total control over the time in which they will study and not the other way around. This actually helps the students concentrate properly on what they are studying. The course material is always accessible which makes it easy for them to clear any doubts at the very instant. They can plan their timings accordingly and allow the necessary time to everything that they want to do.

Career advancement

There are a lot of people who take up online courses even after completing their degree. In most of the cases they will be working, and they will be taking a part-time course. This actually helps them to gain more knowledge and give them the upper hand when compared to the rest. This boots their resume and makes them stand out from the rest.

What do math and religion have in common: a brief look on their relationship

The topic might appear to be a little bit strange and you might be thinking that there is no relationship between math and religion but after taking a look at this article you’d start believing that there is a great relationship between math and religion and you’d crave to learn more about this beautiful relation. Math is very boring subject and most of the people do not like to talk about it but this topic would definitely grab your attention and you’d love to read it and share it with your friends.

Usually, people do not like to answer math problems but we bet that everybody would definitely love to find an answer to this strange question that whether there is a relationship between math and religion or not. Some people might be thinking that religion is something that is related to your soul while the math has nothing to do with your soul and it is directly connected to your brain.

Well, there is nothing wrong in this opinion but there are several inner aspects that bring both these fields together. In this article, we’re going to talk about the aspects that are common in religion and math. Here are some common aspect of religion and math.

Use of symbols

You may have never noticed but every religion has several symbols that explain the strength of several Almighty powers. Similarly, the math also uses several symbols to display a powerful object that has several other objects working behind it. Understanding the meaning of different symbols helps you understand the basic concept of that religion. Similarly, you can understand several basic and advanced concepts of math after leaning the use of several symbols.

Full of mysteries

This may sound strange but religion and math both are filled with lots of mysteries and the experts in both the fields are trying to find the solution to those mysteries. These are the mysteries that make several things difficult for a beginner. That’s why most of the people do not like to understand the depths of both the areas as it may bring you a lot of headaches. There are so many industries in these areas that you’ll get stuck in them and you’d never be able to find a way out.


Another most common aspect of both the fields is that they are both improving every day and every day we see new concepts introduced in both the areas. The new concepts are a sign that both the fields are growing regularly and they’ll keep growing until the day of resurrection.


Both the subjects have lots of difficulties and nobody can ever master all the skills in these fields. You may have perfection in one skill but you’ll definitely lack some skills in others. Both these fields are so much bigger that no one can ever become a master of these fields ever. Click here and take a look at some other aspects that are common in religion and math.

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