About UTS

These pages are designed to give you a basic understanding of Urbana Theological Seminary, our background, our aspirations, and our goals for the future.

  • Urbana Seminary's Mission and Vision
    What drives the school and guides its decisions? What are our hopes and goals for the future, trusting God to work on our behalf? Why this location is strategic for Christ's kingdom?

  • Urbana Seminary's Core Beliefs
    What essential Christian beliefs do we share as a school? Our core doctrines assure you of the faith commitment and dedication of the faculty under whom you will study.

  • Why Urbana Theological Seminary?
    Explore why Urbana Theological Seminary is unique among all the other seminaries in the area.

  • The History of Urbana Theological Seminary
    How and why did a new school get launched in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois?

  • The Urbana Theological Seminary Board of Trustees
    These people provide guidance and wisdom in decisions for running the school and in sharing the vision with others.

  • Our Faculty
    Meet the people who teach our courses, oversee students' progress, and serve the needs of our students administratively.

  • Accreditation and Approvals
    Learn where we stand in the process of seeking official approvals and accreditation as a means of accountability to offer the best possible education to our students.

  • How Urbana Seminary Gives Back
    Explore the variety of services Urbana Theological Seminary offers to churches, the community and academy.