Mission, Vision & Institutional Goals

Our Mission

The mission of Urbana Theological Seminary is to provide graduate theological education which prepares people for Christian ministry and leadership, equipping them to love, know, and serve God.

The Mission statement provides a clear and concrete description of our work. As a school we offer graduate theological education, which means that the training we provide is in the disciplines needed for Christian service and leadership, such as Biblical Studies, Theology, Church History, and Ministry. A greater maturity is expected on the part of our students, who are highly motivated to learn, do advanced research to discover knowledge, and gain the tools and resources to become mature Christian thinkers. Our basic aim is to ready people to serve Christ in a wide variety of ministry and leadership roles. This education engages the entirety of the student’s being—calling on them first to fulfill the greatest commandment, to love God; then to know Him and the Scriptures more profoundly. This process culminates in a life that follows Christ into the church and the world to love one’s neighbor and serve God.

Our Vision

Urbana Seminary will seek to serve God and his eternal purposes by providing an education that will be academically excellent, faithful to Scripture, missional, and student-focused.

The Vision statement provides a broader context for what we want to accomplish and the qualities for which we will become known as a seminary. We desire to serve God and fit in with his eternal purposes to bring people into covenant relationship with himself. We conceive of our work in terms of the Kingdom of God and the church of Jesus Christ around the globe. As an interdenominational ministry we affirm the unity of the church around the world comprised of all those with faith in Christ. God is at work in many different contexts and is not limited by human boundaries.

An Urbana Seminary education will be academically excellent. Our objective is to be known as a center of Christian learning of the highest quality in our teaching, research, and student services. We envision a theological curriculum that integrates faithful reliance on the Scripture as our authority with God’s mission in the world and how the church is called to fulfill that mission. The programs of study will challenge students to think as Christians, to pursue advanced research, and to apply their knowledge amidst the rapidly changing currents of contemporary society.

An Urbana Seminary education will be faithful to Scripture. Urbana Seminary is grounded firmly in the historic Christian faith revealed in the Bible. The Old and New Testaments are our authority for belief and life. Our aim is both personal grasp of God’s message in the Scriptures and obedience to his mission in the world. Along with this understanding of truth we seek to develop each student’s abilities to clearly and passionately explain the intention of the Bible in all of its depth and richness.

An Urbana Seminary education will be missional. We will glorify God through participation in the fulfillment of God’s mission for the church in the world. A missional approach to education trains students for new realities of ministry as contemporary western culture becomes increasingly Post-Christian. Students need the proper tools to interact with what is effectively a new mission field, based on Jesus’ instructions in John 17 that just as the Father sent him into the world, so he is sending his disciples into the world as well. A missional approach to education will also train students from many different backgrounds who will serve God in a variety of diverse contexts and roles around the world, each striving towards the completion of the Lord’s overarching purpose to bring a great throng of people “from every nation, tribe, people, and language” (Revelation 7:9) to worship and serve him.

An Urbana Seminary education will be student focused. We desire that each individual student would love God more deeply, know his truth more profoundly, and apply it daily. Each student should know what he or she believes and why, should have the tools and resources needed for ministry, and be able to provide biblical responses to the rapidly changing culture of our world. We demonstrate this priority on students through accessible professors, quality student services, flexible curriculum, and maintaining lower tuition rates.

Institutional Goals

  • Urbana Seminary will offer a Master of Divinity degree and a Master of Arts in Religion degree that are academically excellent and faithful to Scripture.
  • Urbana Seminary will engage the entirety of the student’s being, seeking to facilitate spiritual growth by addressing holistic issues of formation.
  • Urbana Seminary will foster interaction between Christian traditions, defined and bounded by a deep commitment to the gospel and Scripture.