In most parts of the world, the great festival of Halloween is celebrated on October. There are several activities that are included in this amazing festival such as trick-or-treat, apple-bobbing, costumes, and pumpkin-carving. All these activities and items are known as the strange traditions of Halloween. But have you ever thought that what’s the history behind all these activities?

Halloween has been around us for many centuries now. For the first time, it started in the Celtic Times, and taking a looking at the strange history of this incredible festival will be extremely surprising to you. Let’s take a quick look at the 2000 years of this festival.

Like many other holidays, we have seen a lot of changes in the Halloween throughout the history. UK, Ireland, and the parts of the Northern France were the regions where Celts lived around 2000 years ago. They used to celebrate the New Year on November 1 each year. They had a concept that the dead and alive creatures came together on October 31.

Christians built a church more than a thousand years ago which was named November 1 All Saints Day. In this era, they used to honor all the Saints and all other people who died for the religion. October 31st was first known and Hallows Eve and then its name changed into Halloween.

The Europeans of that time also had a concept that Halloween is the day when dead spirits come to the earth. Most of the people were worried that these spirits would hurt them. So, they decided to wear the scary costumes on this event to look like ghosts. They had a concept that they’ll stay safe from spirits by wearing a costume like them.

The European Immigrants brought this tradition to the America. With the passage of time, some the traditions were changed. For example, American residents carry pumpkins with them on this event while Europeans carry lanterns that are made from turnips. So, in order to adopt the European tradition, Americans also started using candles to put inside the pumpkins.

In the past, the Halloween was considered to be a religious holiday and the people used to carry Halloween Wreaths with them in the honor of their elders. Nowadays, it is considered to be a fun and entertainment and only a few people understand the real importance of this event. Children now celebrate this festival as a fun day.

They still follow the old traditions of people where they dress up like the ghosts and evil creatures but the religious importance has gone. Now children go from door to door instead of worrying about evil spirits. They say “trick or treat” after knocking on doors. For each trick or treat, they get a candy or something special from each homeowner.