Why Urbana Seminary?

Scripture Is The Bottom Line.
Urbana Seminary is grounded firmly in the historic Christian faith revealed in the Bible. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are our authority for belief and living.

Tools for the future.
An education at Urbana Seminary equips the student with the resources needed for ministry in the years ahead. Each individual should know what he or she believes and why, and be able to provide biblical responses to the rapidly changing culture of our world.

We put students first.
We desire that each student would love God more deeply, know His truth more profoundly, and apply it daily. We demonstrate this commitment through accessible professors, quality student services, and flexible curriculum. Since our work is a ministry, we strive to keep tuition low to be accessible for everyone.

Our diversity mirrors the kingdom.
Urbana Seminary is an interdenominational school, training students from many different backgrounds, who will serve in varied settings. Our Seminary community reflects the uniqueness of its members who unite with the one purpose of serving God. We value open dialogue as our students sharpen one another.

Location, location, location.
Urbana Seminary is strategically located in Central Illinois. Accessible from all the major cities in the region, Champaign-Urbana is the home of a major research university and is a crossroads for the diversity of global culture. It is ideal for the thousands of students that graduate each year from the area’s many universities, and for those who are already settled in secure employment. The small town, neighborly atmosphere provides a relaxed environment for learning and opportunities to represent a Christian world view.

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