The Jesuit is also known as the Society of Jesus. It was founded in the year 1540. The founder was a retired soldier from the Spanish army. A man named Ignatius Loyola. Also referred to as soldiers of Christ because the founder was a military man.Actually, Ignatius Loyola came up with the group after reading a book which discussed about saints while he was healing from wounds that were inflicted in the war.


  The vision of Jesuit is to find God in all things. All the things society of Jesus members do is for the Glory of the Lord and betterment of the community. The Jesuits collaborate with other believers like the franciscan saints to make the world a better place. Ignatius Loyola did not initially name the group Jesuit. The name was used to call the society of Christ later. Jesuit means someone who refers to Jesus appropriately.  Loyola since the beginning set the principle sand guidelines to be followed. The philosophies are very simple. Just know more about the Lord and understand yourself more to serve the Lord better. The Jesuit is supposed to follow prayers to be given guidance in their service.Their early missionary work took them to far places. They traveled to Japan,Europe, protestant Europe, Goa, and the new world to spread the word.

 There are more than 16000 members in the society of Jesus group. A fact is that it is the huge male group in the roman catholic church. They include members with roles such as priests, brothers, scholastics, novices, pastors, teachers, chaplains, lawyers,astronomers, etc. They care for the whole person that is the body, mind, and soul. They nature both men and women in their education ministry.   They emphasize learning new languages to promote the Christian evangelism to a larger population. Most run and work in churches and schools even colleges. Most Jesuits are ordained in their thirties. The studies take more than 12 years, unlike the diocesan priests who take a minimum of four years to be inducted into service.


The Society of Jesus members is more liberal than their counterparts. They do not conduct the mass in the process of the old rite Latin form. Only the pope can order them to be in office like being a bishopric cause they a vow to never to fill any official position.  They are considered a little rebellious due to their questioning the central office concerning various issues. The Jesuit group is headed by a superior general who leads the group.Because they are divided into provincial groups of 91 geographical area aprovincial superior heads them. Although they are the largest male order in the world constituting of members from 100 countries they had to wait for five centuries to reach that number. The Jesuit group do take vows of chastity,poverty, and obedience according to roman catholic laws. The Roman Catholic church though it view the group and sidelines them because they are viewed too independent and powerful for their own good.